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mindy lubar priceMy firm specializes in the strengthening nonprofit organizations through assessment, education and empowerment of leadership during periods of transition and change. Leading Transitions uses time-tested, healthy principles to work with executive directors, boards of directors and senior staff to increase their operating capacities. Committed to the future vitality of nonprofit organizations, Leading Transitions recognizes the inherent challenges in leadership succession, fund development and executive support.  The practice has been refined to provide the flexibility necessary to adapt to the intricacies and dynamics of any nonprofit organization. Leading Transitions focuses on providing executive search, fund development and leadership coaching solutions to the nonprofit sector.

Prior to launching Leading Transitions, I was the Director of Philanthropy for Aurora Sinai Medical Center where I resurrected a dormant philanthropy program by establishing a strong network of relationships with internal and external constituencies. One of my most significant accomplishments at Sinai was procuring start-up capital and operating support for the Acute Care for the Elderly unit (“ACE”), the Midwest’s first inpatient geriatric specialty unit.

Before joining Sinai, I served as the Director of Member Relations and Executive Search at The Alliance for Children and Families – an international non -profit membership trade association. During my tenure at The Alliance, I developed and managed a national executive recruitment service and authored the book The Nonprofit Guide to Executive Search. In that role, I had the opportunity to travel extensively to nonprofits across the United States to assess their needs. During this time, I also served as The Alliance’s Chair of the annual United Way Campaign and Day of Caring. Prior to my position at The Alliance, I was the Community Relations Coordinator for United Cerebral Palsy of Southeastern Wisconsin.

I am a proud graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and an alumna of Future Milwaukee. Most recently, I was featured in Milwaukee Magazine’s 2006 Charitable Events Guide’s lead story “Training Tomorrow’s Leaders.” In 2003, I was honored to be named one of 24 “Women of Influence” by The Business Journal , and I was featured in the Milwaukee Magazine’s September 2002 cover story, “35 Faces of the Future” highlighting a “new generation of Milwaukee leaders.” I presently serve on several community advisory committees and give my volunteer time to many local non profit executives and organizations.

I have extensive background and leadership roles in the nonprofit sector, have authored numerous articles and have consulted and lectured nationally on issues related to executive transitions. During the past few years, I also coordinated the Milwaukee Leadership Transition Survey, and I directed the Wisconsin Executive Transition Initiative (ETI) housed at the Greater Milwaukee Foundation. My current clients have a broad range of service areas including: academia, healthcare, social services, advocacy & public policy, arts and the environment. One of my primary areas of consultation involves working with boards of directors and staff on maximizing growth potential during times of transition in an organization’s life cycle.

I look forward to meeting you and learning what the needs are of your organization and how my firm may be able to provide technical assistance in the areas of executive transition management, succession planning and organizational capacity building. Thank you for your interest and consideration.

Mindy Lubar Price
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"Although still early in our re-org process, it appears clear I owe you.

I’m certainly feeling much more optimistic regarding the opportunities that might be possible during this challenging time of transition. Thank you for your insights, connections, and support."
"Mindy, thank you so much. It has been such a pleasure to work with you. Thank you for your flexibility. I have so enjoyed working with the staff and our boards since I took the interim role. We are in a better place today and I am very appreciative of all of the work our staff has done to get us here. It is a wonderful job. I look forward to our future. Thanks again for everything."
"Thank you so much for your time and inspiration today. Knowing how many calls you get like mine, I truly appreciate the time you took to network and to provide me with a road map on how to start transitioning my career. Thank you for making the world a better place."
"Mindy is a life changing human
who is incredible in this community."
"I genuinely appreciated the time you gave me and the candid information you provided. It was very helpful and will hopefully help me make a more informed decision.
I will be in touch."
"I saw the person you referred me to yesterday and was reflecting on how much I value knowing her and learning from her. Without your introduction, I don’t know if that would have happened. Thank you for being a connector, such a strong judge of character, and for adding to the joy in my own life."
"I could not be more grateful for your encouragement and coaching. You're THE BEST. I can't say it loudly enough. I couldn't be more grateful for your how selflessly you've supported and guided me."
"Thank you for spending some of your valuable time with me yesterday. I enjoyed my conversation with you and learning more about your organization and the direction you provide nonprofits to navigate transition."
"Thank you so much for your support today – and every day, for that matter. Your smile, positive attitude, and passion for our organization is so inspiring. I appreciate having you in my life!"
"Getting to know you personally, and prevailing upon your insight into the non-profit world of Milwaukee has been one of the greatest gifts of this summer and fall. Your generosity has allowed me opportunities for participation and service that are immeasurable as a result of your guidance. I am really excited about this new chapter, and especially the chances you have given me to impact the issues and organizations I care most about. I am deeply grateful for everything."
"We were so fortunate to have you speak to our members, and I appreciate your time and effort in preparing for us. You excel at speaking and taking the time to know your audience - THANK YOU. I look forward to our paths crossing again soon."


"Many thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge and experience at today's executive transitions program. You did a terrific job leading the discussion and keeping the conversation flowing and focused."