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Executive Director

Family Promise of Greater Beloit is currently seeking an Executive Director who will be, under the direction of the Board of Directors, responsible for the overall management and operation of Family Promise of Greater Beloit, asset protection, fundraising, and marketing/public relations. Some of these responsibilities can be delegated but the ED is ultimately responsible for them, while ensuring compliance with board directives and applicable grantor, federal and state requirements. The ED will be visionary, creative, detail-oriented, analytical, collaborative, and highly organized. They will be an exceptional communicator with the ability to work well with diverse populations – including those across all socio-economic classes, faith traditions, and political affiliations Read more.

To learn more about Family Promise of Greater Beloit, please visit https://www.familypromisebeloit.org/.

Legal Director

The ACLU of Wisconsin is currently seeking a Legal Director who will be a creative, dynamic, and visionary leader who will steward the growth of the ACLU-WI’s legal department in advancing and shaping the civil rights and civil liberties landscape in Wisconsin. As part of the senior leadership team, the Legal Director is responsible for overall strategy, coordination, and management of the legal department, including its litigation docket, staff, and network of volunteer cooperating counsel. The ideal candidate will be a skilled constitutional rights litigator, an inspiring leader with emotional intelligence, an experienced and visionary manager with deep commitment to EDIB work, with litigation experience as part of multi-disciplinary teams. Strong candidates will have demonstrated ability to initiate, develop, and pursue impact litigation as part of an integrated advocacy strategy as well as a demonstrated ability to work with, support, and inspire others. Read more.

To learn more about The ACLU of Wisconsin, please visit https:///www.aclu-wi.org/.

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Testimonial 1
"Although still early in our re-org process, it appears clear I owe you.

I’m certainly feeling much more optimistic regarding the opportunities that might be possible during this challenging time of transition. Thank you for your insights, connections, and support."
Testimonial 2
"Mindy, thank you so much. It has been such a pleasure to work with you. Thank you for your flexibility. I have so enjoyed working with the staff and our boards since I took the interim role. We are in a better place today and I am very appreciative of all of the work our staff has done to get us here. It is a wonderful job. I look forward to our future. Thanks again for everything."
Testimonial 3
"Mindy is a life changing human who is incredible
in this community."
Testimonial 4
I genuinely appreciated the time you gave me and the candid information you provided. It was very helpful and will hopefully help me make a more informed decision.
Testimonial 5
"Our conversation on Friday seriously helped me seal the deal with (the organization) and feel confident in how I went about doing it. And that was just an extension of your help about 2 weeks ago, preparing me for the interview. And this whole experience is an extension of our open, honest, insightful conversation 2 months ago as I began this journey. Thank you!"
Testimonial 6
"You have been amazing throughout this process and I want you
to know that you have made this a little easier
because you are so helpful."
Testimonial 7
"Thanks again for finding time in your event-filled schedule to meet with me. I appreciate and benefit from your insights and attention to my questions and concerns."
Testimonial 8
Thank you for your amazing guidance and leadership throughout our search process. You guided us every step of the way. You were so easy to reach and communicate with. I so enjoyed working with you."
Testimonial 9
"Can't even begin to thank you for the inclusion and your support during the selection process. Your encouragement made a huge difference."
Testimonial 10
"I hope our paths cross again, thank you for your kindness, wisdom, and inspirational guidance."
Testimonial 11
"Thanks, Mindy - It was WONDERFUL to spend some time with you - did my heart good! Your energy is always infectious. I really appreciated your time and advice as I navigate this last arc in my career work. You are inspiring and practical at the same time!"


"Many thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge and experience at today's executive transitions program. You did a terrific job leading the discussion and keeping the conversation flowing and focused."

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