Steps in the Executive Search Process

Leading Transitions has refined a process to help nonprofit organizations find new leadership that is effective to the functions and meets the goals of your organization. Our network includes over 1,700 contacts to recruit from in the search process. We take the following steps to find the best candidate for the position:

  1. If possible, meet with the outgoing Executive Director / President and CEO to assist with individual transition plans.
  2. Where applicable, make recommendations on legacy-building fund development opportunities.
  3. Develop a comprehensive transition timeline with clear action steps and accompanying dates.
  4. Assist with the formation of a transition and search committee, a sub-set of the Board of Directors.
  5. Recommend goals for organizational development (if recommended) during transition and search phase; Determine resources for support.
  6. Work  on the continued messaging of the departure announcement(s).
  7. Assist in the appointment of an Interim Executive Director, if needed.
  8. Consult with the transition and search committee on staff, donor, constituent, community, etc. communications.
  9. Advise the committee on matters contributing to healthy transition practices that are mutually beneficial for the organization and for the new incoming leader.
  10. Coordinate all meetings of the transition and search committee.
  11. Meet with staff to help set expectations for search and include them in specific portions of the process.
  12. Develop and finalize a robust position profile for local, regional and targeted national distribution.
  13. Create a constituent and candidate outreach and recruitment strategy.
  14. Coordinate and facilitate all related position profile dissemination and marketing, including client suggestions, my recommendations and the firm’s private candidate and professional groups.
  15. Make direct contact with a select group of people that that may be identified as potential candidates or who may be closely linked to a potential candidate.
  16. Perform preliminary review of applicants’ materials (resumes, letters of interest, salary parameters and professional references).
  17. Update the transition committee chairperson and committee members throughout process.
  18. Based upon an applicant’s match with the skills and accomplishments listed in the position profile, sort applicants into three major tiers.
  19. Help the transition and search committee determine which candidates to bring in for a first set of interviews.
  20. Design interview process with the transition and search committee, including format development, location determination and calendar setting.
  21. Provide a draft list of questions to ask candidates that combines our experience doing this work with the specific inquiries that need to be made on behalf of the organization.
  22. Facilitate the interviews and committee debriefings of each individual candidate as well as the final debriefing post-interviews.
  23. Manage any potentially embarrassing or awkward aspects of a particular individual’s candidacy should they come to light during the course of the process.
  24. Assist the transition committee with compensation and/or relocation issues and discussions.
  25. Recommend steps for orienting the new leader to impact the greatest future success for that individual and for the organization as a whole.
  26. Handle communication with, and the rejection of candidates in a timely and politically-wise and sensitive manner.

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"Mindy, we need to thank you for all of the hard work, devotion, time and energy you selflessly put towards all that you do! I am honored to know a person like you!!! You are a shining example of how one person can have such a giant impact."

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"I saw the person you referred me to yesterday and was reflecting on how much I value knowing her and learning from her. Without your introduction, I don’t know if that would have happened. Thank you for being a connector, such a strong judge of character, and for adding to the joy in my own life."

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